BUILD A PROFITABLE WEBSITE... using web hosting tools that are proven to get quality results, without any gimmicks or false promises

Create a successful website using Web hosting tools that are proven. Now that's not just marketing "hype" when I say "proven". The fact is that no other organization on the planet offers the level of proven results that our web host provides.

Yes, you it heard right - I did say "OUR WEB HOST", meaning the product I'm about to introduce you to is the exact same product I use myself... and IT WORKS! Want proof? You got it! Check out this video.

Sounds great doesn't it? Almost too good, right?

No problem, it's reasonable and prudent to be a bit skeptical with so much garbage littering the cyber highway these days.

That's why I want to encourage you to take your time in assessing the 'real value' of what you are about to learn.

My own success online is a direct result of having stumbled upon and Ken Evoy's Site Build-It! product.

Back in September of 2002 I was a complete newbie to doing busines online. I knew virtually nothing about building a profitable website. But now, having ulitized the numerous web hosting tools and resources that Ken offers, I've become somewhat of an expert in my own right.

In fact, these days I spend a lot of my time teaching other aspiring website owners (from newbies to the more highly experienced) how to improve the overall quality of their online business and increase the level of targeted traffic that their website receives.

Not surprisingly, this is the part of my work that I truly love!

After years of doing business online and now having created five successful websites (including, SBI continues to be all I need. I use Ken's Site Build-It! web hosting tools exclusively to manage my entire online enterprise.

As I alluded to earlier, you probably discovered this website by typing something like “ecard system", "website traffic" or some other related keyword into one of the popular search engines.
(For example: Yahoo Search, Google, MSN or Ask Jeeves)

So you see, Ken's system does work. Otherwise, you would never have located, right? :-)

Just think, today there are well over 100 million websites on the Internet. The sad truth is that the vast majority of websites "die on the vine" as a result of getting little traffic.

If you are getting ready to start an online business, want to create a new website, or already have a website but are not satisfied with the level of traffic you are currently receiving - you simply must read on!

Take the next 2 minutes to check out the following link that highlights literally hundreds of SBI sites, just like mine, that are thriving online. No other webhost, anywhere on the planet, provides this kind of proof-positive results.

In case you are wondering, SBI will work for you also, just as it’s currently working for thousands of ordinary people just like you and I.

Ken's web hosting tools and resources work for almost any type of online business. He is NOT teaching "get-rich-quick" or "make-a-million-overnight" snake-oil strategies.

Rest assured, this is REAL BUSINESS, which takes REAL EFFORT and REAL DEDICATION. However, if you possess the drive and motivation to succeed - then with the right tools and resources, you will be successful online. As you now know, THAT is a "proven" fact.

Before you go, check out these inspiring Case Studies.

In conclusion, if you have questions, or if you just aren't sure if this is right for you, feel free to submit your questions via the Contact Us page. I'd be happy to assist you.

Oops - I almost forgot! Ken offers his one and only - Guarantee with TEETH.

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical...(cont.)
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