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Are you seeking web hosting tools and resources that will enable you to build a profitable website? If so, then you've come to the right place. 

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My own success online is a direct result of having stumbled upon and Ken Evoy's Solo Build-It! product, also known as SBI!

Back in September, 2002 I was a complete newbie to doing business online. I knew virtually nothing about building a profitable website. But now, having utilized the numerous web hosting tools and resources that are included in SBI, I've become somewhat of an expert in my own right.

In fact, over the past 15+ years with SBI, I've spent a lot of my time teaching other aspiring website owners (from newbies to the more highly experienced) on how to improve the overall quality of their online business and increase the level of targeted traffic that their website receives.

Not surprisingly, this is the part of my work that I truly love - sharing with others what I've been so fortunate to learn and apply in my own online business. My Solo Build It! story is just one of hundreds of SBI success stories available for your quick and easy verification.  

The sad truth is that the vast majority of websites "die on the vine" as a result of getting little to no traffic. While the motto for traditional brick and mortar businesses is "location, location, location", success for online businesses comes down to "traffic, traffic, traffic".

After years of doing business online and now having created multiple successful websites (including and, SBI continues to be all I need. I use Ken's Solo Build-It! web hosting tools exclusively to manage my entire online enterprise.

"If you would like to learn more about me and my SBI! story, check out my official SBI Review."

Consider this for a moment - you probably discovered this website by typing something like “ecard system", "ecard application", "website traffic" or some other related keyword into one of the major search engines. (For example: Google, Bing, or Yahoo)

So you see right there - that proves that Solo Build It! works! You found our site because it ranks highly in the search engines. Out of literally hundreds of millions of sites, our site popped up because I've learned how to build web pages that make both humans and search engines happy. SBI! teaches you how to build a website that received targeted traffic, and that is gold to any online business owner. 

If you are getting ready to start an online business, want to create a new website, or already have a website but are not satisfied with the level of traffic you are currently receiving - you simply must consider Solo Build It!  

Solo Build It! Provides Web Hosting Tools That Work

In case you are wondering, SBI! will work for you too.

Ken's web hosting tools and resources work for almost any type of online business. He is all about helping webmasters achieve quality results. To be clear, building a profitable website takes time and hard work, but anyone who is willing to put in the work can reap the rewards. 

If you possess the drive and motivation to succeed then with the right tools and resources, you can compete with the big guys and be successful online. For most real life success stores, check out these inspiring Case Studies.

In conclusion, if you have questions, or if you just aren't sure if this is right for you, feel free to submit your questions via the Contact Us page. I'd be happy to answer a question or two.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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