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Finding royalty free video clips that you can use for video ecards isn't hard to do.  However, you may want to create your own videos or work with a freelancer who can create them for you.   

Premium members of can choose from a variety of videos in our ecard video gallery, or cast a wider net and select something available on another video hosting site such as YouTube.  

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While we encourage our members to use their own unique video when building their ecard application, members can get their ecard system up and running quickly by initially choosing videos available in our video gallery or another online resource.

Creating videos is not as difficult as you may think. Using video editing software such as Camtasia, your videos can be as simple or complex as you want. 

If you want customized ecard videos and you want someone to create them for you, look no further than Upwork to find competent video production freelancers. Hint: be sure to review their portfolio to get a sense of their talent and style. Many highly talented freelancers work at a reasonable rate in order to build their portfolios. 

As you consider what kind of ecard videos to offer on your website think about how you can best support your visitors. Your visitors are looking at your website because they are interested in something you offer. You have connected online because you have something in common.

That same visitor has friends and family members, many of whom probably share common interests. When choosing video ecards think about how you can better enable your visitors to share your message with people they know.

For example, if your website attracts business owners, leaders and managers, you might offer video ecards that enables visitors to reward and recognize their employees. Consider providing video ecards with a message of Thank You, Great Job, Way to Go, Nice Work, Congrats, etc. 

In addition, that same audience might want to inspire and motivate their team by sharing powerful video clips that demonstrate the importance of Persistence, Commitment, Never Giving Up, Teamwork and more. Examples are provided below. 

Examples of Royalty Free Video Clips Available on

As you consider your options on where to source your videos, we encourage members to check out what is easily available on YouTube. By doing a quick YouTube search you can find a variety of short video clips that you can use for ecards. 

For example, go to YouTube and type in Search bar phases such as "birthday ecards", "funny ecards", "inspirational ecards", "animated ecards", "thank you ecards", "your niche topic ecards", etc.  By the way, you don't have include the word "ecards" in your search, but it helps to narrow down your search initially.

It is important to find royalty free video clips, meaning you don't want to use videos that includes advertising as those ads get in the way of the customer experience. Don't worry, there are plenty of videos available that do not include ads. 

The four videos below came directly from YouTube and provide great examples of royalty free video clips that make excellent video ecards. Notice how we've customized the cover of all four videos to match nicely with the branding of our website. As a premium member you'll learn how to embed a YouTube video for your ecard application and you'll have total flexibility in how you choose to customize your ecard system. 

(Click on an image below to Play video clip.)

Examples of Flash (SWF) Videos 

In our ecard video gallery we offer a variety of flash animated ecards.  These were created specifically for our gallery by a video production freelancer. These are simple videos that your visitors can use to send greetings for holidays and special occasions. 

Flash animated ecard can also be found on YouTube, but because they can be produced pretty inexpensively we encourage members to consider come up with original ideas that will compliment the theme of your website and help to set you apart from your competition. To get your creative juices flowing, check out these royalty free videos clips below, then search for "animated flash ecards" in YouTube. 

(Click on Play to start a flash video clip. You may first have to click to enable Flash.)

Great Job

Happy New Year

Happy Birthday

Happy Valentine's Day

Most premium members will eventually create their own unique video ecards. However, for a webmaster who is new to the process, or just needs one or two "filler" videos to get them through the initial setup, our Ecard Video Gallery provides some great royalty free video clips. 

Webmasters that join today receive immediate access to all member benefits, including our ecard image gallery, music/audio gallery and template gallery.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Member's area.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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