Ecard Demo - Premium Ecard Application

Experience a live premium ecard demo of our EcardSystem. This is a fully functional Premium version of our ecard application. 

Send an ecard to a relative, friend or to yourself - test out our Premium ecard application and experience how much value offering ecards can add to your visitor's overall site experience.

ecard system demo

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The premium version allows you to offer Video ecards to your visitors.  Not only can you post your own unique videos, you can you use high quality videos created by others that are posted on sites like YouTube.

In the ecard demo below we've included four short inspirational video examples for your review. However, you can use videos that are funny, thought-provoking, or homemade videos that help inform and sell your unique products and services. We also offer our customers full access to a variety of free video ecard gallery

Our premium ecard application allows you to offer up to 100 unique ecards, which can be any mix of video and image ecards. You can also offer up to 40 stamps.

You can enhance your image ecards by adding music clips.  Adding music to your images can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your ecards, and your visitors will love the flexibility that your ecard application offers. Customer gain full access to our music clip gallery.

Plus, your visitors can send an ecard to an entire group of people at the same time, up to 50 unique receivers can be added to a single ecard. You can even schedule the time and date that the ecard will be sent ahead of time for convenient time management.

As you can see below in our Premium Ecard Demo, these added features make adding ecards to your website a no-brainer. While the enhancements are many, the cost is minimal Compare the Premium version to our Basic ecard application and see for yourself.

As you think about the strategic uses for ecards that can help drive traffic, consider topics related to your site that visitors might want to share with their friends and family. If you have a site that is dedicated to supporting a special cause like fighting cancer, raising money for food distribution, or supporting veterans - you might offer ecards that enable visitors to challenge their friends and relatives to "match their donation", or "share this important message".  

Remember, a website that supports a non-profit agency is quite different than a site about travel destinations, physical fitness, education or business management. However, ecards can be used effectively for almost any niche website. 

Premium Version - Ecard Demo

Compare our premium ecard system to any other ecard application available and you'll quickly realize the value we've packed into our system.

Test it out and see how it works, both from the sender's perspective as well as what the receiver will experience. 

Choose an image or video ecard and stamp image below and write a meaningful message to a friend, family member or just to yourself. 

(Click on any image below to enlarge the image.)

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As you have just experienced in this ecard demo for our Premium Ecard System, adding ecards to your website can encourage visitor engagement and improve the visitor's overall site experience. Plus, ecard provide an inexpensive option to encourage visitors to return to your site over and over again.

So, isn't it time to become an EcardSystem subscriber? Don't put this off any longer. Contact us if you have any additional questions, we're here to help.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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