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(Billed Qtrly)
(Billed Qtrly)
Initial Set-up Fee
(Contact us for any assistance. You'll be up and running in no time.)
Fully Customizable Ecard Application
Offer Ecard Images
(Use ours or your own)
Up to 40 Images
Up to 100 Images
Offer Stamp Images
(Use ours or your own)
Up to 20 Stamps
Up to 50 Stamps
Image Gallery Access
(Free images, stamps, backgrounds, preview buttons)
Template Gallery Access
(Preview background HTML code choices)
Notify Sender When Ecard Is Read
Tracking Stats for Ecards Open/Read
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Offer Video Ecards
(Supports entering video embed code)
Up to 100 Video and/or Image Mix
Offer Audio/Music Selections
(Plays along with Ecard images)
Up to 30 Choices
Send Ecard to Multiple Email Addresses
Up to 50 Receivers At A Time
Send Ecard on Scheduled Date/Time
Message Text Recognizes HTML Code
Popularity Tracking Stats for Individual Ecard Image or Video
Ecard System Options
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
(Cancel at any time)
Pay Schedule
$24.85 Now
(Includes Set-up fee and first 3 months)
$14.85 Quarterly
(Equal to $4.95/month
< 17 cents/day)
$33.85 Now
(Includes Set-up fee and first 3 months)
$23.85 Quarterly
(Equal to $7.95/month
< 30 cents/day)

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The information below should answer any last minute questions. In that spirit, we offer the following key points for your consideration:

WHY JOIN TODAY? is at your service! – Membership includes so much more than just a fully customized Ecard application. No Hype - Just the Facts.

  • What does membership cost?
    The cost of Basic membership is equal to $4.95/month. The cost of Premium membership is equal to $7.95/month. In either plan, the cost is billed to you quarterly. In addition, there is a one time only setup fee of $10.00. As a result, your first payment is in the amount of $24.85 or $33.85 respectively. Each quarter thereafter, you will be charged either $14.85 or $23.85 respectively. Of course you may cancel at any time.

  • What all do I receive as an active member?
    In addition to receiving full use of our Ecard application, which allows you to offer customized Ecards to visitors of your website, (See Ecard Demonstration/Test), members also receive a host of benefits that are focused on helping to drive increased targeted traffic to their websites. (See Member Benefits)

  • How do I know this is for real, and not just some scam?
    Try out our Ecard Demo to experience for yourself how the system works… Visit the demo links and see for yourself how simple and easy it is to use our ecard system.

  • Is your service guaranteed?
    Yes, absolutely, 100% guaranteed. You can try out our service risk-free for 60 days, and if you are unhappy for any reason, all you have to do to get a full refund is to notify Clickbank, our merchant provider, and they will refund your purchase within 2 business days. That’s right, we don’t have any control over the refund process, Clickbank handles it as an unbiased third party.

  • What can I expect after I purchase?
    As soon as you join as a new member, you will receive an email that instructs you on how to activate your account. You will click the activation link and then be given a password that you can use to sign in to our Member Login area.

    Once you have accessed the Member Login area, you will be provided with simple, detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create your fully customized Ecard application for your website.

    We take you by the hand and walk along side you throughout the entire process, so there is no need for any guessing by you.

  • Okay, this all sounds great. I’m ready to give it a try. What do I need to do to get started?
    Great, welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you. All you need to do now is click on either the Basic or Premium purchase link above and we will see you in the Members area of the website.

Remember, if have any additional questions or concerns, you can always notify me directly via the Contact Us form.

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed
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Member Benefits
Here's a few of the many 'Member's Only' benefits you receive when you sign up for our Ecard System:
Benefit! Fully customized Ecard application for your website.
Benefit! Image Gallery Access. (Ecard, Stamp, Background and Submit Buttons)
Benefit! Template Gallery Access (HTML Code).
Benefit! Increased visitor loyalty; targeted traffic, and profitability.
Benefit! Special Bonus Gifts!
Charis from
I’m loving every minute of the creative process involved in designing a website, but I always need a guiding hand and clear instructions when it comes to the technical aspects.

Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical...(cont.)
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