Ecard Template Gallery 

Our Ecard Template Gallery provides members with the ability of customizing the way they want to display ecards on their website.

Every webmaster has his or own style for design; their own unique preference for how items on their site are presented to their readers.

ecard template gallery

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Both Basic and Premium members of enjoy the creative freedom to totally customize how their ecards are displayed.

When your readers initially see your ecards, you want them to believe you are offing something unique; something that can only be found on your website, thereby increasing the perceived value of your site. So, it's important that your ecards fit nicely with the overall look and feel of your website.

Anything that doesn't look like it belongs on your website, lessens the likelihood that the reader will use the service or share your website with others. This is precisely why we insisted on providing our members with an ecard application where you control as many elements of your ecard system as possible, including the design, from colors, background, size of images, adding music or videos, to how many ecards or stamp options are displayed.

Here at - the choice is yours!

Ecard Template Options to Preview & View Ecards

There are several ecard template options to consider when building your ecard system. Below we will explain the difference and the functionality of our basic template and web design template. 

Most of our members use the basic template because it's so simple and clean, leaving nothing to distract a viewer from the actual ecard and message. However, for the hardcore webmaster with a lot of coding knowledge that wants to really shake things up, we provide the code to our form and they can add additional design elements to their hearts content. (Note: We do not provide coding support so webmasters who are not knowledgeable coders should stick with the basic ecard template.) 

Option 1: Basic Template

When you setup your ecard system, their is a field to enter your 'Ecard Design Template' code. This template creates the design that viewers will see 'around' the ecard during Preview, as well as how the receiver views their ecard.

We have provided an attractive basic ecard design template, which you can experience by viewing our Basic or Premium Demos. 

Here are a few examples of how ecards are displayed using the basic template:

(Click any image below to enlarge the image.)

ecard template
ecard template
ecard template
ecard template

It's easy to take the basic Ecard design template and change the background and border colors.

The colors in each design are easily defined by the color codes provided in code provided. To change the colors, you will simply replace the color codes in all places where they are located in the basic ecard template. A color chart, which provides a full list of color codes, is available at Color Chart Codes 

Option 2: Custom Ecard Design Template

If you want the ecard receiver to view the ecard with your existing website design, meaning the same header, right and left column and footer, etc. - then it's simple to create your own custom ecard design template.

Here are several examples of member sites using custom ecard design templates:

(Click any image below to enlarge the image.)

design ecard template
design ecard template
design ecard template
design ecard template

Creating a design to match your website is as simple as copying the source code of an existing webpage. Once you have the source code, you'll replace the headline with something like "Enjoy Your Ecard!" Then, after deleting any existing body text in the code, insert [ECARD] , which tells our system to insert your ecard system code here. 

DONE! Doesn't get much simpler than that, right? Now your Ecard display matches the design of your website exactly. Once the new code is live on your website, always test the ecard application to make sure you didn't make any errors in the code. Once confirmed, you're good to go! 

Customize The Standard Ecard Template

Once you have entered all the necessary data for your ecard system, we provide a standard ecard format for both Basic and Premium versions.  The standard format will present your ecards in rows of 4, and stamps in rows of 5.  However, you can change how many rows or columns you want viewers to see.  It's simply a matter of adjusting the source code. 

While we do not recommend this for beginners, but if you know your way around basic HTML code you will have no problem customizing your ecard system to use the desired number of rows and columns.  

Here's a few examples of how you can customize how your ecards are presented on your webpage. 

(Click any image below to enlarge the image.)

custom ecard template

2 Ecards per row,  5 Stamps

custom ecard template

3 Ecards per row,  3 Stamps

custom ecard template

4 Ecards per row,  4 Stamps

Regardless of how your website is configured, rest assured our ecard application will be flexible enough to meet your needs.

In each of the above examples, you've seen how you are in full control of how your ecards are presented to your visitors, and how they will be viewed by the recipients. 

Every member is encouraged to use our available templates as a starting point, then be as creative as you want to be to create your preferred design.

Webmasters that Join Today receive immediate access to all member benefits, including our ecard image gallery.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Member's area.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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