Ecard System Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Ecard System Affiliate program.  Now you can get paid by helping other website owners improve the overall quality of their website.

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It's easy to become an affiliate. Just take a few minutes to Sign up with ClickBank, which is the company that we utilize to process all of our subscription sale transactions.

As soon as you sign up with ClickBank, you will be asked to choose your own account name (affiliate ID).

Once you have established an affiliate ID you are able to begin making money referring sales of our Ecard System.    

Now, here's two really great reasons for being an affiliate... First, for each referral you send to us that converts into a new EcardSystem subscriber, you will receive 45% of the monthly subscription price. Secondly... you will continue to receive payments for the life of the subscription.

Our monthly subscription rate of the Premium product is $14.95. So you will receive $6.73 every month for that one subscriber, which may not sound like a lot at first, but once you produce some volume sales the rewards increase significantly over time. 

Assuming you have your new ClickBank account set up, next you will need to place our Ecard System product link on your website or newsletter. The link will include your new Affiliate ID.

For example: Our ClickBank ID is ecardsys, so that means your affiliate link will look like this:

(You will replace 'xxxxx' with your new Affiliate ID.)  

Get your unique affiliate address
and link code here:

Create My Ecard System Affiliate Link Code Now

Ecard System Affiliate Earnings

You may be thinking... "So how large of a paycheck can I expect to earn each quarter from the Ecard System Affiliate program?"

Well, the truth is... only you can answer that. The amount of ecard system affiliate income that you earn each quarter is totally up to you. Your results will be directly related to your commitment and the quality of your referral strategy. One thing we can say with certainty is that if you think you can simply slap together a one page website and earn thousands overnight, you're bound to be disappointed.

However, if you're serious about building an alternative source of recurring revenue and you are willing to put in some time and effort to do things the right way, then you can earn substantial dollars, $100's or $1000's, each and every month. There is no ceiling on your potential here.

Since your will earn an impressive 45% of the monthly subscriber fee for the life of the subscription, that means you earn $80.73 per Premium sale, per year.    

Okay, now let's do some additional quick math...

Here is an example of the kind of yearly earnings you will realize at multiple levels of sales...

# Sales/Day
 # Sales/Qtr
 Quarterly Income
 Annual Income

(Disclaimer: ClickBank charges a small percentage of every sale for processing and mailing expenses. As a result, your net proceeds will reflect a little less than 45% of every sale.) 

As you can see... it really is totally up to you as to how much, or how little money you earn. The best part about our ecard system affiliate program is that once you make one sale, it continues to earn you money each month for the entire life of the subscription.

In Conclusion...

Join us today and begin earning recurring income.

If any of the above information is unclear and you have additional questions, we invite you to Contact Us

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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