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A variety of music sound clips are available to our Premium subscribers of Adding background music or audio clips to your ecard images can enhance the impact of your customized ecards.   

Premium subscribers recognize the importance of how music can support and strengthen the message they wish to send.

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New visitors may ask themselves, "Why would I pay more to add music or audio clips to my ecard images?"

The answer is simple... but to fully understand, go to your nearest television and select a channel that is showing a commercial. It doesn't really matter what the commercial is. The simple fact that you are watching that commercial means that a business owner has made the decision to invest heavily in the creation of sending that message. 

That same business owner has no doubt spent countless hours (or paid a pricey consultant to do the same), to craft a specific message to convince viewers to buy a their product or service. Every commercial running today is working overtime to connect to your heart, mind or soul in some way to make you take action. 

But the words are not the reason we want you to watch that commercial. As you watch the images and hear the words, listen to what's playing in the background. Yes, THAT is the reason you should consider adding music sound clips to your ecard images.

Background music can significantly enhance the power of your message, so it's important that you choose music that fits nicely with the mood and emotion that you want the receiver of your ecard to feel. This is really important - we cannot overstate the importance of offering music sound clips that will help to sell the message being sent. 

Examples of Free Music Sound Clips

These are just a few of the music sound clips available to our premium subscribers...

(Click the Play button to hear a music sound clip)


All The Same



Bakers Dozen



Blind Irony

Bossa Night

Changing Lanes

Coming Along


African Anthem



Da Reggae Mon



Bavarian Fest

Jamaican Rain



Positive Aspirations

Bionic Network

Down Time

Blissfully Unaware

Drive South


First Look

Brighter Days

Free Fall

Cresting Over

Gathering Time

Webmasters that Join Today, receive immediate access to all our resource galleries. Premium members can select from our library of music sound clips to enhance their ecard images.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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