No Risk Guarantee

Our no risk guarantee provides you with a full 60 days to test drive your new ecard system. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll immediately refund your money.  

no risk guarantee

We have adopted a simple policy for how we do business. We understand that if you truly seek to improve the overall quality of your website, it's our job to provide an ecard application that allows you to add value to your visitors.

We run our site no different than you run yours. The more value you give your readers, the more you will receive from your readers, right? 

Bottom line... we are here to help you make your site a successful experience for your visitors.

If you are not sure yet if offering ecards on your site is right for you, just try it out for 60 days - risk free. If you don't like the service during that time, just click to cancel and you will receive a fast and friendly refund.

ClickBank No Risk Guarantee

Regarding the specifics of our no risk guarantee, we adhere to and fully support the guarantee of our payment provider - Clickbank.

ClickBank's return policy is as follows: ClickBank will refund 100% of the purchase price upon request anytime within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final. So, if you do decide to cancel, all you have to do is notify Clickbank via a contact link that is included in your purchase receipt. They handle your request with no questions asked. We don't get involved at all unless you have questions or ask for assistance in completing the refund request. 

In addition, subscribers of may cancel their subscription at any time - no questions asked.

So, take 60 days to try it out feeling 100% comfortable that we stand by our no-risk guarantee. 

So take action now and begin building your customized ecard system to encourage visitor engagement and to improved the overall visitor experience.

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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