Ecard Demonstration - Basic Ecard Application

Experience a live ecard demonstration of our EcardSystem. This is a fully functional Basic version of our ecard application. 

Send a test ecard to yourself. Next, send an ecard to a relative, friend or co-worker. Put our ecard application through the paces and experience for yourself how easy it is to increase the overall value of your online business.

ecard demonstration

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As you view this example of our basic ecard system, think about how you could incorporate ecards into your website in a way that would engage your visitors, increase traffic and improve the overall value of your site. 

In the example below, notice that we've created ecards for multiple purposes. For example, holiday and special occasions are universal topics that everyone can understand and appreciate.  In addition, think about how you might use ecards to help spread the primary message or mission of your website. 

As you think about the strategic uses for ecards that can help drive traffic, consider topics related to your site that visitors might want to share with their friends and family. If you have a site that is dedicated to supporting a special cause like fighting cancer, raising money for food distribution, or supporting veterans - you might offer ecards that enable visitors to challenge their friends and relatives to "match their donation", or "share this important message".  

Remember, a website that supports a non-profit agency is quite different than a site about travel destinations, physical fitness, education or business management. However, ecard can be used effectively for almost any niche website. 

Ecards can be used in a variety of ways. Your site is unique so what works for one site may or may not work well for another. Your challenge is to think outside the box on how you can most effectively use ecards to encourage visitors to help spread your important message to others. 

Basic Version - Ecard Demonstration

As you will see below in our Basic Ecard Demo, we've kept it simple and easy for every level of webmaster. Compare our ecard system to any other ecard application available and you'll quickly realize the value we've packed into our system.

Test it out and see how it works, both from the sender's perspective as well as what the receiver will experience. 

Choose an ecard and stamp image below and write a meaningful message to a friend or family member now - it's fun and easy!

(Click on any image below to enlarge the image.)

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As you have just experienced in this ecard demonstration for our Basic Ecard System, adding ecards to your website can create increased value for your visitors. It's fun and easy and provides an inexpensive option to encourage visitors to return to your site over and over again.

If you want to see more bells and whistles, be sure to try out our Premium Ecard Demonstration.

Click here for a Pricing Comparison.

Best of all, creating ecards that are customized for your website is easy and inexpensive. We share all our tips and tricks with our valued members. So, isn't it time to become an EcardSystem subscriber? Don't put this off any longer. Contact us if you have any additional questions, we're here to help.

To your success, 

Richard Gorham

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