Template Gallery: Ecard Invitation Look and Feel is 100% Fully Customizable!

Our ecard invitation template gallery provides members with creative ideas for changing the way they decide to display their ecards on their website.

Every webmaster has his or own style for design; their own unique preference for how items on their site are presented to their readers.

Now, with EcardSystem.com, webmaster's enjoy the creative freedom to totally customize how their ecards are displayed.

When your readers see your ecard format, the ecards need to "fit" with the look and feel of your website.

Anything that doesn't look like it belongs on your website, lessens the liklihood that the reader will use the service. That is precisely why EcardSystem.com insisted on providing webmasters with an ecard application where each webmaster controls the design, from colors to size of images - to how many ecards are displayed.

At EcardSystem.com - the choice is yours!

Example #1

Ecard Template Example #1

Each ecard invitation can be presented based on the preference of each webmaster. For example, one webmaster may present their ecards like this:

Note: Notice how many ecards are presented in each row? Notice the color scheme used in this particular design?

Webmasters can even choose to edit how the sender/receiver instructions are stated on the form.

However you wish to display your ecards, you are in total control.

Example #2

Ecard Template Example #2

Regardless of how your website is configured, rest asssured our ecard application will be flexible enough to meet your needs.

Note: In this example you see an entirely different format for how the ecards are presented.

Yet, as a webmaster you will appreciate the fact that the exact same basic code for the ecard form is the same.

In each example, webmasters take the basic code we provide them and then customize the format at their own discretion.

Every webmaster is allowed to create the ecard invitation design they prefer.

Webmasters are encouraged to Join Today. Try out our ecard system for 8 full weeks risk free, and watch the traffic to your website steadily increase.

Looking forward to seeing YOU in the Member's area.

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Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical...(cont.)
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