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Ecard System News , Issue #002 - Premium has arrived!
October 22, 2009

Premium Version is Here!
More Bells & Whistles

Richard Gorham
Richard Gorham
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Volume I - Issue #002

  1. Site News
    • Updates & Site News - Premium EcardSystem

Site News

UPDATES and Site News - Premium EcardSystem

Introducing.. EcardSystem PREMIUM - yes, it's finally here.

We are very excited to launch the new EcardSystem Premium option for webmasters who desire, well.. even more in terms of functionality.

For our existing EcardSystem members... your existing Basic EcardSystem application will continue to work just as it always has. You are not required to do anything.

However, if you'd like to upgrade to the new Premium version please contact me directly at: richard[at]

I will walk you through the process of canceling your existing Basic subscription and provide you with a link to subscribe to the new Premium version, with no set-up fee.

Please do not attempt to upgrade without first contacting me. There are a couple things I must do on my end to ensure a seamless transition for existing members.

Concerned about the price? Don't be. Although the cost of the new Premium version does increase "slightly", as promised in our last edition we have made every effort to keep the cost "extremely reasonable".

I encourage everyone to check out our updated product page for a detailed description of what's included in the new Premium product, as well as the price information.

Here's the link: EcardSystem Premium Details!

You may notice that we have been making updates to many of our existing web pages to better reflect the fact that we now have two great EcardSystem options available to webmasters.

If you see pages that still need updating, please let us know. Also please feel free to ask questions and/or let me know your thoughts about by emailing me at any time.

Take care everyone!

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