Please use the special link provided below to purchase your fully customized Ecard System for the special price - as a courtesy to SBI Members.

Only for our SBI friends, the $10.00 set-up fee has been waived for both the Basic and Premium version of EcardSystem. Purchase today and the cost for the first three months of service is only $4.95/month for Basic or $7.85/month for Premium. You will be billed quarterly for the life of your subscription.

Of course you may cancel at any time.

Does It Work Well With SBI Sites?

Absolutely! Watch our step-by-step video tutorial at: EcardSystem Video Tutorial/Demo

Here's what fellow SBI'ers have to say about

Gloria from

"I am pleased to offer my full endorsement of to my fellow SBI'ers. I signed up with confidence after viewing the video instructions. Even as a website novice, the step-by-step instructions for building the Ecard System and loading it to my site were easy to follow. Richard was very supportive to help me get it done correctly. I have my ecards page filled with my chocolate images and look forward to pleasing my visitors with the ecards. I’m a very satisfied customer."

- Gloria from

Check out Gloria's customized ecard system.
WARNING! You may gain 5 pounds just looking at it. :-)

Charis from

"I’m loving every minute of the creative process involved in designing a website, but I always need a guiding hand and clear instructions when it comes to the technical aspects. Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical. But it’s also perfect for web experts because it does allow you to adjust the coding in an endless number of ways. In just a few (really few!) steps the system creates all the code you need and all you have to do is cut and paste! Incredibly, my Ecards were up and running with very little effort on my part!

I love the fact that as a member I am also given access to a lot of other website tools so I can learn how to attract more traffic to my site. Ecards are just the tip of the iceberg

Now, I have to put in a word about Richard Gorham himself. Richard was extremely quick to respond to questions I submitted and guided he me through the process, patiently explaining all I needed to know. He really took all the time necessary to be sure I understood and actually learned to do all the steps myself. To fellow SBIers, Richard really is a great example of how members of the SBI community go the extra extra extra mile for each other! I recommend to everyone! Oh! I already am! I loved it so much I immediately became an affiliate! "

- Charis from

View Charis' beautiful Bolivian ecards!.

Get Out of Debt Ecards!

NEW!"Now you have even more bells and whistles with our PREMIUM version of EcardSystem. Checkout a live example of our newly developed ecard application. Now you can add Audio or Music to your ecard images. Also, you can add Video ecards to the mix. Premium membership includes additional features that include: Scheduling Date & Time that ecards are received, as well as sending ecards to an entire group of receivers at the same time. All this and more!"

R. Gorham

NOTE: Please be advised that Audio/Music and Video files MUST be hosted on an outside server other than Sitesell. This can be done very easily, but it is an extra step that is involved for SBI'ers who wish to use the Premium version of EcardSystem. Please contact me directly if you have any questions at richard[at]

Check out New Premium Ecard System.

Be Sure To Buy Using A Special Discount Purchase Link:

The two purchase links below are for SBI Members Only:


(Billed Qtrly)
(Billed Qtrly)
Initial Set-up Fee
(Contact us for any assistance. You'll be up and running in no time!)
$0 - Waived
$0 - Waived
Fully Customizable Ecard Application
Offer Ecard Images
(Use ours or your own)
Up to 40 Images
Up to 100 Images
Offer Stamp Images
(Use ours or your own)
Up to 20 Stamps
Up to 50 Stamps
Image Gallery Access
(Free images, stamps, backgrounds, preview buttons)
Template Gallery Access
(Preview background HTML code choices)
Notify Sender When Ecard Is Read
Tracking Stats for Ecards Open/Read
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Offer Video Ecards
(Supports entering video embed code)
Up to 100 Video and/or Image Mix
Offer Audio/Music Selections
(Plays along with Ecard images)
Up to 30 Choices
Send Ecard to Multiple Email Addresses
Up to 50 Receivers At A Time
Send Ecard on Scheduled Date/Time
Message Text Recognizes HTML Code
Popularity Tracking Stats for Individual Ecard Image or Video
Free Screensaver
(Using your own Ecard images)
Ecard System Options
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
(Cancel at any time)
Pay Schedule
$14.85 Now
(Includes first 3 months)
$14.85 Quarterly
(Equal to $4.95/month
< 17 cents/day)
$23.85 Now
(Includes first 3 months)
$23.85 Quarterly
(Equal to $7.95/month
< 30 cents/day)

If you need more information on the many benefits associated with our Ecard System, we encourage you to read the Member Benefits page - just make sure you return to this page to purchase in order to qualify for the special SBI discount.

If you're ready to go, click on the plan of your choice above.

If you have any additional questions, you can notify me directly via the Contact Us form.

To your success,

Richard Gorham
Fellow SBI'er & Webmaster

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Here's a few of the many 'Member's Only' benefits you receive when you sign up for our Ecard System:
Benefit! Fully customized Ecard application for your website.
Benefit! Image Gallery Access. (Ecard, Stamp, Background and Submit Buttons)
Benefit! Template Gallery Access (HTML Code).
Benefit! Increased visitor loyalty; targeted traffic, and profitability.
Benefit! Special Bonus Gifts!
Charis from
I’m loving every minute of the creative process involved in designing a website, but I always need a guiding hand and clear instructions when it comes to the technical aspects.

Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical...(cont.)
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