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Targeted web traffic is the most highly valued commodity on the Internet today. members know how to get their message out to the people who care.

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As a webmaster seeking to improve the quality of your website in order to build a profitable online business, you understand the need to learn and grow your own skill-set.

It seems that the more we learn about doing business online, the more we realize there is so much MORE to learn - particularly in the area of created targeted web traffic results.

While it would be easy to get discouraged - the amazing benefit of having an online business is that the subject you have chosen for your website is probably a topic that you are highly interested in. The subject matter appeals to you. Therefore, all those hours of work, don't really seem like work, because you are enjoying what you are doing.

NEVER FORGET THAT! Doing what you love to do - is a Gift!

At, our job is to make your online journey even more smooth and enjoyable as you continue to learn and grow.

Let's face it, in any real business, online or offline, you must work hard to ensure quality in your product, as well as delivering quality in your service. Regardless of the theme or subject of your website, you work to help people help themselves by providing useful information.

In order to elevate yourself in the eyes of your visitors, and also in the eyes of the search engines, this requires access to cutting-edge ideas, information, and resources.

Your membership entitles you to a wide variety of benefits that range from product and services recommendations that save you time and money, to quality applications and programs that can help produce targeted web traffic to your site.

No other Membership site that I'm aware of provides so much for so little. costs only $4.95/month - that's less than many (or perhaps most) membership sites charge per day!


  • Fully Customized Ecard Application...
    Not only will you enjoy the process of creating your Ecard application, your readers will appreciate that you provide this quality service. Be creative! Use your Ecards to send a 'subtle' message that you have a quality product or service to offer. The power of viral marketing is now at your fingertips!
  • Gain Incoming Link...
    Quality incoming links are necessary in order to get recognized by the search engines. As a member of, once you establish your ecard system on your website, we encourage you to submit your site for inclusion to your Ecard Directory. As our site grows in popularity amoung webmasters, your site will continue to benefit from the traffic we provide.
  • Access to Image Gallery...
    For webmasters who are seeking free images to use for their Ecard application, we provide our Image Gallery. The Image Gallery not only hosts free Ecards images for Members, we also provide a variety of Background images and Submit button. Mix and match images at your own discretion. If you don't see the type of image you are looking for just drop us a line at our Contact Us form. We can typically provide you with additional options that will meet your needs.
  • Access to Template Gallery...
    Our Ecard application is fully customizable. Therefore, webmasters can take the code that is initially generated by our system and then continue to customize the look and feel of the design to their hearts desire. In order to show webmasters just how easy it is to customize the format, we provide templates that you can copy and paste into our Ecard HTML Editor, which allows you to "Regenerate" the HTML code to display the new design. For savvy webmasters who like to push things to the limit, this will certainly wet your appetite!
  • Acquire Proven Website Strategies for Increasing Traffic...
    Other sites offer this kind of high-value information at a high cost. At, we make it part of your regular, low-cost membership. I've learned that there are "proven strategies" to targeted web traffic results that 98% of webmasters simply do not understand.

    For example:

    • "What is the secret to search engine optimization?"

    • "How do I increase the number of incoming links without paying for them?

    • "Why is good quality content more important than ever before?"

    • "How can I possibly compete online against the large corporations for targeted web traffic?"

    Trust me, the answers to these questions, and many others, become crystal clear once you become a member. No worries - we will not provide some sort of slick techniques, schemes or 'flavor of the day' tricks. At, we are all about 'keeping it real', doing things once and doing it right the first time, so that regardless of what the search engines do in the future, we will continue to maintain the traffic that we have worked so hard to achieve - that is our promise to our members. C'mon folks, this is real business, and at - we play for real!

  • Ecard Advantage Tutorials...
    Why limit yourself to offering ONLY Ecards? We could have named our site something like "" or "" - but we didn't. Why? Well, we named her "" because once you have your ecard application in place, you can utilize your existing images in other creative ways. Your images can be used to create slideshows and even videos, which help to attract even more targeted web traffic to your site. In addition, your images can used to promote your website offline via the sales of hardgoods, such as T-Shirts, mousepads, calenders, coffee mugs, beach blankets and other quality products. At, we push the limit in leveraging your Ecard images for targeted web traffic and maximum profits.
  • Free Screensaver...
    As a member of, you receive a free screensaver - created from your own images - that you can provide to your readers. This is a promotional tool for your website. Imagine, offering a free screensaver as an incentive to sign up for your weekly newsletter. Offering incentives to subscribers is a proven strategy for building your customer list and more targeted web traffic - which is at the heart of your profit-center. Yes, free means free! Once you become a member and submit your images, we'll quickly build your customized screensaver program and deliver it to you at no additional charge. Once we create it, you own it, and you can use it - however you wish.
  • Increased Traffic, Loyalty & Profitability...
    Anytime you provide improved quality to your customer, you will inevitably improve customer loyalty. At, we go the extra mile to serve you, so you can better serve your customers.
  • Special Bonus Gifts! ...
    Let's just say, you won't be sorry you joined :-) Seriously, once you join - our intention is to take you by the hand, walk along side of you and make you feel like you have just hit the Lotto! Come to think of it, in a real sense - you have! The information, tools and resources that we provide to our Members will no doubt take you to the next level of your online business journey. Our Special Bonus Gifts were thoughtfully chosen to provide maximum motivation and encouragement as you proceed to grow your targeted web traffic results.

Ecard System News - Free Newsletter...
Don't forget to subscribe. Members and non-members alike will benefit from real-time news and updates!

Okay folks, time to wrap this up. Any intelligent person can clearly see there are great advantages to being an member. With excellent reasons to join like those outlined above, plus having such a low monthly membership fee - joining is obviously a smart move. Our goal is to achieve a renewal rate of at least 80% - that's almost unheard of for online membership sites, which means we know in order to get those kind of results, we've got to be THAT GOOD at helping you to produce targeted web traffic!

"Sounds great, but how much is it again to join", you ask?

Once again, the cost of member is only $4.95/month, billed quarterly... and, we offer a 60 day full money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time.

I hope to meet you and learn more about how I can help you improve your targeted web traffic results and grow your online business.

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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Here's a few of the many 'Member's Only' benefits you receive when you sign up for our Ecard System:
Benefit! Fully customized Ecard application for your website.
Benefit! Image Gallery Access. (Ecard, Stamp, Background and Submit Buttons)
Benefit! Template Gallery Access (HTML Code).
Benefit! Website strategies for increased traffic - learn how to score high in the search engines.
Benefit! Ecard Advantage Tutorials -leverage your photos for more than just Ecards.
Benefit! Increased visitor loyalty; targeted traffic, and profitability.
Benefit! Special Bonus Gifts!
Charis from
I’m loving every minute of the creative process involved in designing a website, but I always need a guiding hand and clear instructions when it comes to the technical aspects.

Ecard System is specially designed to take the ‘scary’ out of web design, something very important to a person like me who is clueless about all things technical...(cont.)

Bruce Callahan from
I am SO DELIGHTED with your system!

Thanks for being so patient and bearing with my total inexperience with these type things. I'm used to using a pencil, not a program. You have been so helpful and responsive and...PATIENT!

I am so excited about the dimension, flexibility and marketing potential this system brings to my website...(cont.)

"The Ecard System is excellent and so is their service. Ecards have now added a new dimension to my online business, both in terms of communications and marketing strategies."

"Employees, just like our family and friends, need encouragement, guidance, recognition, information and direction. My new Ecard System has gone a long way in achieving these objectives with my staff. Thank you for this wonderful service."

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