Ecard Tour - Easy Setup Video!

Watch our Ecard Tour for our BASIC EcardSystem & view step-by-step how you can add an ecard application to your website!

You do not have to be a "techie" webmaster in order to add a customized ecard application to your website.

At we do all the heavy lifting and walk along side you with detailed instructions as you create a powerful ecard system for your visitors.

So take a few minutes to view our Step-by-Step Tour Inside EcardSystem:

Ecards are simple to use, yet highly effective ways to promote your product or service, and at the same time provide your readers with a high-value application that they will utilize over and over.

Moreover, if you create an Ecard collection that appeals to visitors of your website, you will receive the added benefit of word-of-mouth viral marketing for your website.

So take a few seconds to view the instructional video. Experience how easy it is to add Ecards to your website!

Allowing your readers to send theme-related Ecards from your website is a great way to add value and increase traffic to your site.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions after watching the setup video.

To your success,

Richard Gorham

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